John Eshun Organizer, Specialist

John was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. Growing up with a single mother who was a school teacher, education was always very important in his family. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, John began his career as a community organizer for Common Ground in Milwaukee, a Metro IAF affiliate.

As an organizer, John saw firsthand the aftermath of the abuse of power in cities and communities across the country. He joined the E4E team because he understands the challenges of students of color, and is deeply troubled by the disparities that exist in academic achievement for these students. John is committed to building power with teachers to fight for students.

John holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He brings over four years of experience organizing and working on policy advocacy in housing, employment programs, education and other basic needs in Milwaukee. John is also a former football and basketball coach, tutor and Big Brother with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

"I love working hard to support teachers in our schools. Teachers who are committed to their students and schools are inspiring, and I believe they are critical to our future."