Jocelyn Leung Development Associate

Jocelyn was born in Baltimore, Maryland but moved to New Jersey in second grade. While living in Baltimore, she saw firsthand how historical disinvestment hurt her local school. As a result, her classmates could not afford basic necessities, and she saw caring and underpaid teachers use their own money to buy supplies, as one example.

Jocelyn was then lucky to learn from some amazing professors when pursuing her master’s in political science, and she was inspired to follow their examples as a teaching assistant at the University of Minnesota. While Jocelyn introduced undergraduate students to critical thinking on political theory and the role of race in elections, she also interviewed nonprofits that approached problems, such as poverty, by building on community strengths. 

This led her to work in one of these organizations, Nexus Community Partners. There she witnessed the power of investing in local residents as they grew into leaders who drew on their experiences to come up with solutions advancing racial and health equity. Jocelyn went on to earn a master’s in public health, so she could be gain more skills to support such grassroots movements.

Jocelyn joined E4E because of how much she cares about education injustices. She is excited to bring her loves of analyzing data and working with different stakeholders to support the Minnesota chapter.

"I have had great teachers who saw the best in me even when I couldn't see it. All students deserve to have teachers like this, and I will work hard to help make that a reality."