Jennifer Quaye-Hudson National Associate of Organizing

As a public school kid in New Haven, Jennifer witnessed inequities in the classroom and understood what a quality classroom experience could do for a student. While pursuing a degree in political science at Quinnipiac University, Jennifer began developing her interest in education through her work with the Workforce Alliance’s Youth Council where she served on a committee that allocated federal dollars to youth employment and training programs. While the work helped Jennifer to grow as a young change agent, it was highly administrative in nature.

Jennifer then pursued rehabilitating young families who were recipients of welfare; launched a college readiness program in a community; built a college and career department at a local charter school; and finally decided it was time to take her vision for education reform to the state level.

Jennifer joined Educators for Excellence to use her skills to shifting the balance of power to teachers and students in order to better inform policies that are impacting classrooms everywhere.

"I started teaching and joined the education reform movement to be the teacher I needed when I was a student."