Janiele Lewis Organizer, Specialist

Born in Jamaica and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Janiele’s earliest awareness of the power of a high-quality education was fostered by her mom, a teacher. Her endless wonder of the interconnectedness of ecosystems and appreciation for the transformational teachers in her life fueled Janiele’s foray into science education.

Spending almost a decade in the classroom, Janiele grew addicted to nurturing “ah-ha” moments with her students. She raised the scholastic achievement of students in her Atlanta schools and South Korean middle and high school classrooms. As a teacher, she also noted how toxic systemic stressors negatively impacted students, her colleagues, and herself.

At E4E, Janiele is dedicated to working with teachers on addressing policy based stressors to bring about the kind of systemic change that leads to educational excellence for all.

In addition to organizing educator advocates, Janiele supports students, schools, and social impact organizations in uprooting and replacing the biological, behavioral, and belief-oriented causes of stress with core tools of resilience.

"Teachers are the glue linking all parts of our social ecosystem. They’re invaluable in healing the disease of inequity that limits our systemic ability to thrive."