Jake Resetarits Managing Director of External Affairs

Jake’s educator parents taught him early on that access to a high-quality public education is an inviolable civil right. Taking these words to heart, Jake became aware of the pervasive educational and economic inequities that existed in his home state of Connecticut. He knew that advocating for meaningful change in education would need to be a core component of any career he pursued.

After graduating from Boston University, Jake moved to San Antonio, Texas to teach fifth grade, the same year the Texas Legislature rolled out a new standardized assessment. Teachers were given inadequate resources and guidance on how to align their instruction to a radically different set of standards, and students grew frustrated at the lack of clarity around a key part of their education. Over time,  teachers and students adjusted, but many of the issues around this assessment could have been prevented with greater input from teachers. Jake decided that the best way he could advocate for his students was by working to elevate the voices of educators in the policymaking process.

Upon completing a master’s of public administration at Indiana University, Jake began working in policy and advocacy roles. This path ultimately led Jake to join E4E. Jake is proud to collaborate with educators as they push for policies that combat educational inequity and improve the quality of education for students.

“It is time to start crafting smart education policy that incorporates the wisdom of educators. We must empower educators to create a more equitable system for their students.”