Holly Andersen Outreach Director

From a young age, Holly’s parents instilled in her an ever-present gratitude for everything she had and an awareness that not everyone had access to the same things and experiences. This led her into a social-justice oriented criminal justice program at Gustavus Adolphus College, focusing on how to equalize our judicial system in the United States. Throughout her studies, Holly was continually exposed to the close relationship between factors affecting education and those affecting the justice system. She slowly realized that a strong passion for education had developed and that she wanted to pursue that path by joining Teach For America.

Holly spent seven years working at Brooklyn Center Secondary School in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota as a special education teacher where she consistently advanced her classroom’s reading level by two years. She loved helping students become strong advocates for themselves and seeing them take pride in their growth. While Holly’s passion for being in the classroom remained high, interactions with her students and their families continued to fuel the original passion for addressing the systematic structures that affect them. She was impressed over and over again by the actions her colleagues took to help students reach new levels. The ability to help even more students across the Twin Cities by supporting their teachers’ voices drew Holly to Educators for Excellence. She enjoys leveraging the talent and perspective of teachers in the Twin Cities to help address inequities on a larger scale.

"It takes a village to raise a child."