Heather Calverase National Director of Strategy and Regional Giving

Growing up in Appalachia's Northwest corridor in Ohio, Heather came to understand the power of education and its connection to opportunity and economic mobility. As the daughter of an educator, she also saw the challenges that teachers faced in advocating for policies and resources to best support their students. Upon graduating from Youngstown State University with a degree in psychology, Heather conducted her graduate studies before starting her career in education with Kaplan Test Prep.

While at Kaplan, Heather oversaw academics and operations in centers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and California. She then joined Teach For America (TFA) as Executive Director of the Newark region. During her tenure at Kaplan and TFA, Heather and her teams supported hundreds of teachers embarking upon their careers in education or looking to make a difference beyond their classrooms. In her work with these teachers, Heather saw the passion teachers have for their profession and their students, as well as the barriers these teachers faced in building a rewarding, long-term career in education given their lack of autonomy in the classroom.

It was at TFA where Heather also began working with philanthropists interested in supporting these teachers and their students, and her passion for connecting the two was born. At E4E, Heather is thrilled to continue this work as she supports E4E's six chapters in growing, diversifying, and deepening their partnerships with their local donor networks.  

"Teachers know their students' challenges and give them the tools to succeed. Supporting educators in advocating for the policies and resources they need to empower their students is critical."