Haskel Black Organizer

Born in New Orleans and raised in Minneapolis, Haskel has been involved with education and youth programming his entire life.  After realizing that education was his calling, he attended the University of Minnesota to pursue a degree in Music Education and a minor in Political Science. Since graduating, Haskel has worked as a vocal music teacher for grades K-6 and taught music and English in Germany. Additionally, he’s worked in various roles at youth summer programs both in Minneapolis and Boston. 

During his time as an educator, Haskel saw firsthand the deficits that exist in education and worked to make positive changes in his classroom and beyond. Driven to improve education for students and educators, he was elected to his union’s contract bargaining committee and helped create a mentorship program for young teachers. Through his efforts with his local and state teacher’s union, he uncovered a passion for advocacy, organizing, and coalescing power among educators.

After six years in the classroom, Haskel joined E4E to further the work that he knows is critical to transform schools for the better including empowering and elevating the voice of teachers in their unions, ensuring schools have equitable support and funding, and pushing for inclusive curricula. As an organizer, he loves getting to meet, collaborate with, and empower educators, and he’s always excited to support them and learn from them as well! 


Teachers know what is needed to improve our educational system so that it best serves all students. Their unified voice ought to be the north star that educational institutions look to follow.