Hannah Nethery Digital and Communications Manager

Born and raised in North Carolina, Hannah was shaped by public school systems plagued by inequities. After studying political science and campaign management at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, she spent several years fundraising for congressional candidates that she believed in -- from DC to Virginia to California.

Wanting to settle into a role that would allow her to make a longer term impact for the causes she held dear, Hannah moved into the educational nonprofit space in 2017 with a role at Teach For America Los Angeles. During her tenure working in communications there, she saw firsthand how important it is to empower educators to speak out for what their classrooms need most. 

Hannah is proud to work at E4E because of the unique role the organization plays in helping educators use their voices. She believes in the impact that individuals can have when rallied as a collective, and is passionate about making change in partnership with educators everywhere.

My passion lies in harnessing the collective power of educators' voices and sharing that power with the world.