Gage Salicki Senior Outreach Director

Growing up in New Haven, Gage recognized inequity in society from an early age. He studied at College of the Holy Cross, majoring in history and education. During this time, he discovered his love for both political organizing and education policy through assisting organizing campaigns for ballot questions in Massachusetts’ 2014 and 2016 elections and writing an honors thesis on the foundations of public education in the United States.

Upon graduating, Gage returned to Connecticut to teach at Bulkeley High School in Hartford as a social studies teacher, where he also served as chair of his union school committee. While teaching, Gage advocated for his students and colleagues as an E4E member. He co-authored a policy paper to end inequitable school funding, sat on panels regarding school gun violence with the Governor of Connecticut, spoke about ending discipline disparities on NPR, and testified at the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

As a member of the E4E-Connecticut team, Gage brings his passion as an educator to support teachers in his home city of New Haven. He is most excited to help educators develop policy solutions to systemic problems Connecticut faces and promote teachers’ voices.

"Education is an issue of justice––for teachers, students, and communities alike."