Erin Sandsmark Organizer

Erin was born in Fargo, North Dakota. She grew up knowing her parents and sister highly valued education. It was emphasized that knowledge and learning were deeply important, and noble pursuits. When Erin decided to make art a priority in her life, her family stood by her and made sure she had access to all kinds of arts education. The privilege of that access was never lost on Erin. Later, through college and while working towards her MFA in Visual Studies at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, she found that she had also fallen in love with teaching. 

As an art instructor, she found happiness in sharing her knowledge with students of all ages, and it became a cornerstone of her life. While pursuing her art teaching career through non profits and continuing education programs, she became a substitute teacher for Saint Paul Public Schools. Each day she bounced to different locations, truly seeing the inequities between buildings, and the lack of support for teachers and students alike. Alongside that experience, in 2020, she began to assist with creating and organizing a new Casuals Union at the Minneapolis Institute of art. Over the past two years, she has learned first hand how to organize a group of disenfranchised workers to come together for a common goal, and it pushed her to transition these values into work with Educators for Excellence.

Erin joined E4E as an art teacher, substitute teacher, and an organizer to help amplify the voices of teachers in Minnesota. She believes teachers have the power to change the education system from the inside out, and is excited to be a part of that change. As an organizer for E4E, she is ready to connect with educators and make actionable change for our children and teachers.

Education is at a crossroads in our country. We need to take action now to make children and our teachers a priority. Our educators deserve to lead the fight.