Eric Johnson Outreach Director

Eric was raised in Augusta, Georgia, and born into a family that emphasized persistence, identity, and concern for others. After developing a love for music, Eric was offered the opportunity to combine his values and his artistic passion by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in music education at Florida State University.

In considering the structural issues that exist for students of color, particularly in high-poverty communities, Eric decided to work toward mitigating the impediments for these students through music education. After graduating, he taught students of color and students experiencing poverty in Jacksonville, Florida and New York City for four years in secondary schools.

As a teacher, Eric quickly became disillusioned by the limited amount of agency teachers and students were afforded in schools to improve their condition in high-poverty communities. This experience motivated Eric to pursue a master’s degree in sociology and education, specializing in education policy, from Columbia University.

During his studies, Eric worked as an after-school coordinator, as an assistant coordinator for the Reimagining Education Institute, and as a research assistant for Prepared to Teach. He is excited to join Educators for Excellence as an outreach director to continue to fight for a more equitable society.

"I am excited to be a bridge between practice, policy, and research. Too often,teachers have not had a place within these arenas. I am inspired to have the opportunity to change that."