Eric Cova National Communications Manager

Eric is a ten-year veteran of the nonprofit industry and has dedicated himself to supporting strong, mission-driven organizations with effective external communications. A recent Master of Public Administration graduate from New York University, where he specialized in policy analysis, Eric honed his ability to communicate complicated policy ideas for public consumption.

While growing up in Michigan, Eric’s family instilled in him the importance of education, a deep respect for teachers, and a firm belief in the importance of unions. As an adult, his respect for educators has only grown as he hears the stories and experiences of both of his sisters, other family members, and many friends who work in education. He looks forward to putting his policy and communications skills to work at E4E to elevate teacher voices and ensure that all education policy—at the federal, state, union, and local levels—reflects the classroom experience of teachers, advances the teaching profession, and ensures excellent outcomes for all students.

“A cause is only as powerful as the voices behind it. E4E members have built a movement with a clear voice and impactful policy ideas. It is an honor to join the movement and help boost teacher voices.”