Ebony Chisholm Managing Director of External Affairs

Born in Rhode Island, Ebony is a beach bum at heart. Growing up, education was very important to her family. Held up by a strong support system, Ebony was the first in her home to attend college. Writing has always been a passion for Ebony and inspired her to pursue a degree in print journalism from Quinnipiac University.

After college, Ebony began to share people’s stories at the New Haven Register. Through her work at the newspaper, she realized she wanted to continue to storytell, but about the people who advocated for nonprofit organizations. Ebony transitioned to the American Lung Association in Hartford, where she worked for two years. Ebony has always been aware that if it were not for the support of her family, more importantly, the dedication and encouragement from mother, her education path could have looked significantly different. This understanding led her to most recent work at the Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now (ConnCAN), an education advocacy organization that works to ensure every child, no matter their race, income, or zip code, receives the quality education they deserve.

Ebony joined E4E because of her fifth grade teacher, Ms. Powers, who recognized her love for writing and encouraged her to pursue it. Ebony hopes to leverage her skills to share the inspiring stories of Connecticut’s teachers and empower other teachers throughout the state to also get involved with E4E to enact change.


"To ensure that every student has access to a great education, we must encourage our educators to elevate their voice to be active agents of change."