Dusty Rader Outreach Director

Dusty grew up as the son of two educators in Connecticut. As a child, his parents encouraged his passion for school and reading. He later majored in English at the University of Vermont and took classes that helped him realize how much bias and privilege is at play in the world. He earned a master’s in teaching at Central Connecticut State University in 2014 and became an English teacher. 

As a teacher, he sought to give all students, particularly students of color and LGBT students, a safe place. He made himself available for students to talk to and spoke out about his experiences as a transgender student and teacher. He visited school districts and presented at conferences around the nation. He presented a TEDx Talk in 2017 and was featured in the Hartford Courant in 2016 and on NBC’s Pride30 list in 2017. 

Dusty was a teacher member of the 2018 E4E Teacher Policy Team focused on diversifying Connecticut’s teacher workforce. Although he loved being a teacher, he felt a pull toward working on policy, hoping to make a bigger difference for transgender and other historically oppressed communities. Now working at E4E, he is excited to elevate teacher voices in education.

"There is no future without education, and so teachers are the guarantors of our future. We need to support and listen to them. How else can we expect to make the future better than the present?"