Devon Fagan Organizer, Specialist

Raised by his grandparents on the island of Jamaica, the value of education was instilled in Devon at an early age. Although he became disinterested in education in high school, he credits a teacher with getting him back on track and pushing him to realize his potential. This teacher, who remained a source of inspiration into his adulthood, is among the reasons he chose to pursue education as a career. 

Devon worked in several operations roles, but soon realized he had a unique ability to identify and connect with students. Spending time working in adult social services, specifically with men with disabilities who often lamented their education experience, ignited his passion for advocacy as he saw how challenges faced by at-risk students impacted them as adults.

Devon joined E4E as an outreach director to support teachers in their fight to change education policy so all students can succeed. 

"I believe educators should always be involved in the decisions that affect them and their students."