Derrick Alan Everett Managing Director of External Affairs

As a fourth-grader bussed before dawn across the county to go to a school his sister and friends were not allowed to attend, Derrick was scolded by adults in the community who heard he’d questioned showing up on the first day of school. He had been selected by lottery to attend one of the top public magnet schools in Georgia, while everyone he knew was stuck in classrooms bursting full of other students of color, trapped in one of countless underperforming and overcapacity schools.  

Fortunately, his parents and other caring adults instilled in Derrick that education is the start of a lifelong path of civic engagement and personal freedom. Twenty years later, he would graduate from law school with a deep understanding of levers of power and obstacles to justice. Derrick learned how important it is for all students - particularly those most marginalized - to have access to a high-quality education.

Derrick now works to make sure the next generation of kids get what they need. Formally trained in writing and the law, he supports teacher to advocate and organize for positive social change. Prior work experience includes providing counsel, coordination, and communications work to national legal organizations to stem the tide of anti-immigrant sentiment sweeping the nation and partnering with parents, community and business leaders, and educators to build community and make lasting change. He is eager to share his talents with Boston educators by helping others envision a brighter future, while sharpening hope into resolve, grounded by facilitating achievable and sustainable solutions rooted in the present and in the people.


“There is equity-creating power in solidarity and game-changing impact in quality education. If you share this belief, then we fight the same fight.”