Denise Manning Outreach Director

Denise is a Boston native and proud graduate of Boston Public Schools. Witnessing violence in her community growing up, Denise learned the importance of self-advocacy and sought enrichment opportunities. She worked with mentors from Minds Matter Boston on Saturdays to improve her writing skills and was admitted into prestigious summer programs that gave her access to greater educational opportunities. Through these programs, Denise saw the educational inequalities that exist, as well as the power of knowledge. 

Denise graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts at Boston and returned to her community to work in Boston Public Schools as a paraprofessional. While working in BPS, Denise advocated for students and families to have access to information and opportunities to support student growth. Denise then earned her license to teach high school English and early education, as well as her master’s degree. With her hands-on experiences in teaching, she focused on the importance of authentic community and family engagement for student academic and social-emotional support. 

This deep commitment to the students and families of Boston has brought Denise to E4E-Boston, where she works directly with educators who teach in Dorchester and Mattapan. Denise is excited to grow at E4E and empower educators to advocate for students. 

"Educators are on the ground leading the changes we need to see in our classrooms. I see my role as a supporter to empower their voices."