Day Son Advocacy Associate

As a daughter of immigrants, Day recognized and experienced the power of education to change trajectories. She grew up in Austin, Texas, and in high school became keenly interested in social justice. Although she initially focused her studies in business and liberal arts,  she ultimately decided to follow her passion for empowering others through education by returning to the classroom as a teacher.

Day taught seventhgrade math in Sylmar, California, where she witnessed the disconnect between how education policies were intended to work and how they actually didHer growing passion for systematic change led Day to pursue her master’s degree in Urban Education, with a focus on Education Policy and Administration, as well as complete a fellowship in the office of Los Angeles Unified School District Board Member Monica Garcia. These experiences helped shape her understanding of the complexities of the education system in Los Angeles, as well as solidify her desire to become involved in systemic educational change.

Day loves that she can support the engagement and integration of educators’ voices at the policymaking table as a part of Educators for Excellence. She sees that bridging the gap between educators and policymakers as key to improving educational equity and quality for all students.


“Lasting change can happen when we dream for it together, fight for it together, and create it together. Education is no different; we want all voices at the table.”