David Mendez Outreach Director

David was born and raised in a small town located an hour north of San Francisco. He grew up understanding knowledge is power, and the immense value of an education. During high school, David realized that this power was not accessible to all. Many of his close friends were unable to fulfill their college dreams because they were undocumented or could not afford tuition. It was then that David started to understand the obstacles many students around the country face.

With this new realization, David attended Dominican University of California and obtained a degree in liberal studies and education. After graduating, David moved to New Jersey to teach bilingual education and advocate for communities of color. In the classroom, he found the need for more Latino educators to work with families who face a myriad of challenges, prompting David to earn a master’s degree at the Relay Graduate School of Education.

David joined E4E because he believes that teachers must have a leading voice in policies that seek to provide every student the opportunity to succeed.

"I am motivated to help people in the communities I serve access power through a high-quality education."