Darryl Brackeen Managing Director of Outreach

Darryl was born and raised in New Haven, where he grew up experiencing the many inequities and challenges in our urban public school. For Darryl, being a part of the solution was critical. While pursuing a degree in political science and history at Fairfield University, he decided to go back to his hometown and teach social studies. 

It was because of Darryl’s passion for education that he became a community organizer for Connecticut Coalition for Achievement Now, a New Haven-based education advocacy non-profit working for equitable education for all Connecticut’s children. Through this work he was committed to promoting increased opportunities for minority teachers in Connecticut schools. Darryl also helped found the Community Leadership Academy for community leaders, educators, and parents seeking to become advocates for kids in Connecticut public schools. 

Darryl brings extensive experience as a community organizer, minister, and politician. He has the proud honor of serving his third term as an Alderman on New Haven’s Board of Alders (City Council). In that role he serves as a member of the Affirmative Action Commission and Living Wage Commission, and as vice chair on the Human Services Committee and Education Committee. Darryl is also a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.  

Darryl joined Educators for Excellence in effect real change and empower educators to stand up for an improved and equitable educational system. 

“Where there is just hope, there is just chance. But when there is action toward educational equity, there is a guarantee that future generations will obtain the great education they deserve.”