Cristina González Organizer

Cristina González grew up in Los Angeles and El Salvador. Her personal experiences and the values her parents instilled in her have developed her into a transnational community organizer, a popular educator, a life-long learner, and a person who actively engages in and respects collective processes. 

She received a BA in International Studies-Political Science and a BA in Spanish Literature while at UCSD. While in LA, she has worked with refugee, homeless, and foster youth in the K-12 system, led family education, advocacy, and direct services for students and their families. She also completed her master’s degree in Latin American Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles where she focused on Public Health, Latino/a Families, and History.

After being a school leader for 7 years, her passion as an educator and organizer brought her to E4E in hopes of supporting teachers, amplifying their voices, and working alongside them to bring about much-needed change to our students, families, teachers, and overall communities. Currently, she is working on her Ed.D in Educational Leadership, Administration, and Policy at Pepperdine University to explore different ways of disrupting systems that no longer serve our students, teachers, and families. 

Dialogical processes are key to education; we must honor these for educators and push for systemic change. Educators’ voices and experiences should be part of what shapes educational policies implemented throughout their districts.