Cherokee Sullinger Organizer

Cherokee grew up in both Mexico City and Albuquerque, New Mexico. Having parents who were classical musicians, as well as teachers at the middle and high school and university level helped shape their understanding of the important role teachers play in their classrooms and on policy.

While earning a degree from New Mexico State University, Cherokee became involved in reproductive rights advocacy. During their five years of living and organizing in Las Cruces, Cherokee was able to see first hand the ways that race, gender, economic status, immigration status, and ability can affect a person's access to quality healthcare, education, and other resources. 

Although they are fairly new to Los Angeles, Cherokee is excited to bring their skills as an organizer to the work at E4E in order to help create a more equitable and supportive space for students in L.A.

"E4E's work is significant to me because I have an opportunity to work with teachers who have the ability to create real change, to create more equitable and fruitful environments for their students."