Charlie Tirey Organizer

Born and raised in a South Dakota city situated between three Native American reservations, Charlie was confronted early with the way inequitable policies affect people of color. Feeling driven to enact change, he interned at Working Against Violence, Inc., a Native American-led nonprofit and shelter facility dedicated to assisting women and children in crisis. This experience strongly influenced how Charlie views the world and his role within it. 

While studying at Concordia College-Moorhead, Charlie served as a tutor and student educator, working with middle school students to improve their Spanish proficiency. He also continued to pursue  activism by  stumping for political campaigns and leading student organizations on campus. After graduating with a degree in liberal arts, Charlie moved to the Twin Cities in 2015 where he received hands-on experience in policy creation and implementation. Working in multiple legal agencies across the metro, he saw firsthand how the legal system can perpetuate hegemonic violence against communities of color.

Driven to disrupt these systems, Charlie joined E4E during the COVID-19 pandemic after having many conversations with educators about the worsening state of education. After two years of union organizing experience with OPEIU Local 12, Charlie understands the impact that a representative union can have in making equitable systems change. He continues to be motivated by the experiences shared by E4E-Minnesota educators, and he looks forward to working to support their efforts to  improve their schools.


Educators have always been the most knowledgeable about how schools can be improved, for both their students and themselves. I am honored to listen and work closely with them to help make the best learning and working environment for all.