Caroline McLennan Organizer, Lead

Born in Greenwich, Connecticut, Caroline’s librarian and copy editor parents instilled in her a love of education at an early age.

After graduating from the College of William and Mary with a bachelor’s degree in history, she chose to share her love of learning with others by teaching second grade in New Haven and in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn. As a teacher, Caroline strived to foster a rich classroom culture and made sure her classroom was a place where students could share their unique identities. During this time, she received her master’s of education through Johns Hopkins University.

Caroline joined E4E because she grew frustrated with policies that didn’t reflect the lived experiences of teachers. As an outreach director, she hopes to empower educators who want to bring positive change to their schools and districts.

"Teachers see their students every day, and they know best what policies will help them. Their voices should be central in the decision-making process."