Cara Fullerton Director of Impact and Special Projects

Born into a family full of teachers, Cara grew up in North Florida in a tiny community, where, like so much of the country, educational inequity is pervasive and truly based on one’s zip code. She left that community to go to college at Rice University, and she never considered becoming a teacher until she worked as a tutor for refugee students who had recently arrived in Houston. She thought back to many of the issues of power and privilege that she saw growing up in her community, and after graduating with bachelor’s degrees in psychology and religious studies, she decided to return to North Florida as a teacher.

Cara taught as an elementary school teacher in Jacksonville, Florida. Although she strived to infuse joy, confidence and curiosity in her classroom, she felt frustrated by her lack of input on the top-down policy decisions that affected her students.

In 2014, Cara joined Educators for Excellence because she wanted to ensure that teachers have a voice in the decisions that directly impact their classroom culture and academic success. As a program associate, she loves getting to work with her team members from across the country on projects that work to expand Educators for Excellence's impact, and thus, expand the voice of teachers.

"Seeing teachers advocate for the rights of their students is what inspires me to do this work every day."