Brooke Souza Managing Director of Development

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Brooke has always had a passion for teaching and learning. While studying at Boston College, she discovered her desire to follow a career path in education after volunteering weekly in a second-grade classroom in East Boston. After graduating with a degree in communications and Hispanic studies, Brooke moved to Connecticut to teach high school Spanish in Bridgeport Public Schools.

While teaching, Brooke developed deep ties to her students and colleagues, as well as the Bridgeport community. She also witnessed and experienced the many obstacles facing students and teachers in Connecticut’s highest-need schools and resolved to do her part to ensure that policies and practices served students first and foremost.

Brooke joined Educators for Excellence in 2013 as a founding team member of the Connecticut chapter to mobilize her fellow educators to drive meaningful systemic change for students. She later transitioned to E4E’s national development team to help build the critical partnerships that support E4E teachers’ work across the country.

"I’m honored to work alongside E4E teachers and colleagues who stand up every day to ensure students have the opportunities they deserve."