Brielle Welch National Associate of Development

Brielle was born in Washington, D.C. and attended school in Alexandria, Virginia where her mother taught elementary school. A passion for learning supported Brielle through her education at the College of William and Mary and Columbia University’s Teachers College, where she studied Africana studies and elementary inclusive education. After graduation, Brielle entered her own fifth-grade classroom, excited to provide an equitable educational experience for her students. However, the educational system was deeply entrenched with other priorities, some of which are harmful to the students served.

As a first-year teacher, Brielle marveled at her students’ capacity for learning and soon became involved with E4E through the summer residency program. The spirit at E4E was focused on building for the future, not just making it through the present. The drive to provide teachers the platform to advocate for systems-level change, and the community of teacher advocates are the energy that drives E4E toward its ultimate goal. As the national associate of development, Brielle relishes the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded individuals across the country to support our organization as it works with teachers to fulfill E4E’s mission.

"It is truly an honor to watch as E4E members act as agents of change while still in the classroom with their kids. It is a testament to the talent and strength within teachers."