Brendan Sargent Senior National Organizing Manager

Brendan spent the first five years out of college teaching 10th grade English  at Chelsea High School, just outside of Boston in his home state of Massachusetts. There, he was elected as the school’s union representative at the wise, grizzled age of 24.

When he decided to move to Los Angeles with his wife in 2016, he knew that he wanted to dive into the world of teacher advocacy and teachers unions specifically. His experience as a teacher and as union rep showed him just how much his union (and many others) needed an upgrade in the equity department. He decided that, when it was time for him to leave the classroom, he wanted to help teachers take full advantage of the power and potential of their unions.

In his free time, Brendan mostly just obsesses over trivia. He hosts pub trivia - both virtual and in-person - and had a very brief stint (about as brief as a stint can get) as  a Jeopardy! champion in 2021. He’s also the reigning, back-to-back champion of his Fantasy Baseball league. 


"Everyone deserves an opportunity."