Braxton Campbell Deputy Director, Campaigns

Braxton Campbell is a former middle school educator and is politically and civically active in Massachusetts. He has served as President of the Young Democrats of MA and Deputy Campaign Manager to elect the first Puerto Rican to the Massachusetts State Senate. Braxton was also a candidate for City Council in his hometown. During his undergrad, Braxton worked with youth focusing on conflict resolution and non-violence training and, later on, reform efforts around the school-to-prison pipeline, which inspired his work once he got into education.

Although he did not have a conventional track, Braxton became an educator because he wanted to work in education policy, specifically focusing on school discipline and restorative justice efforts. Since becoming an educator, he has worked on diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts around curriculum, teaching practices, and student behavior. In addition to his work at E4E, Braxton is currently a commissioner on the MA Commission LGBTQ youth and serves as the President of the Neighbor to Neighbor Education Fund. He advocates for youth, education, civic engagement, and the LGBTQ+ community.