Bennie Patterson Jr. National Director of Digital Advocacy and Organizing

Being a proud native of Milwaukee, WI, one of the nation’s most segregated cities, it was fitting for Bennie to find his heart and talents drawn to empowering disadvantaged communities and helping to build strategies that offers them access to change their circumstances.

It was this foundation coupled with the perfect storm of a time where Milwaukee was ground zero for some of the most innovative education strategies that jump-started his career, leading a trajectory of youth development, education reform, and community development. Whether it was leading the city’s largest student walk out on the 50 year anniversary of the Brown v Board of Ed, or teaching a Technology and Social Justice class in a local high school, Bennie has been fortunate to have learned and contributed to such a pivotal time in the city and country’s education history.

Continuing his career on the national level, Bennie developed and managed youth activism efforts for the award winning, national tobacco control entity – Truth Initiative – that positioned media/technology, guerrilla marketing, and grassroots organizing as key strategies. He also served as both the Digital & Creative Content Director for the Center for Popular Democracy and led a strategic "content-first" approach through digital strategies that supported integrated storytelling, narrative development, brand alignment, and engagement of targeted audiences.

In addition, Bennie serves as Owner & Chief Strategist of an independent, cause-based consultant agency that provides organizational development, branding services, and strategic initiative development.

These, among other community based roles spanning youth development, grassroots organizing, education reform, food justice, and technical assistance, details his 20+ year career of weaving innovation and systematic thinking into the fight for better lives, families, and communities. Joining the E4E team and leading its digital and organizing effort brings a refreshing full circle experience.

A self-proclaimed member of “Generation Flux”, Bennie understands “the most important skill is the ability to master new skills