Asia Foreman Deputy Director, Campaigns

Asia spent most of her life in Connecticut where she experienced the opportunity gap first hand. She grew up in Fairfield, which has some of the most successful public schools in the state. Years later, she taught high school Spanish in the same district her father attended, Bridgeport, which has some of the lowest performing schools in the nation. The high school she went to and the high school she taught at are less than five miles apart, but worlds away when it came to student outcomes. The lack of opportunity to share her thoughts, concerns and solutions outside of the four walls of her classroom frustrated her, and she often closed her door and focused her efforts on what she felt was best for her students.

Asia was a member of Educators for Excellence as a teacher leader before joining the staff in New York. In her first few months as an E4E teacher member, she was able to sit down with the superintendent of Bridgeport Public Schools to ask questions and share her opinions. Asia was so passionate about giving other teachers these same opportunities, she decided to join the staff team. Her favorite part of her job is seeing teachers affecting large-scale, positive change for students.

"Teachers need a space to voice their opinions freely, regardless of if they are brand new, tenured, teach a core subject or teach an elective. At E4E, every voice is valued."