Ari Lipman Vice President of Organizing and Field

Ari grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland, where he attended public schools that were pro-actively integrated across lines of residential segregation because of a push from organized parents, including his own mother.

Through the experience of directing a homeless shelter while in college, Ari began grappling with questions of power: who makes the decisions that result in inequitable housing and education policies, and how do we build the power to create a more equitable future?  These lessons led him to a 20-year career in community organizing.

As an organizer with the Industrial Areas Foundation,  Ari built and led coalitions of religious congregations in Massachusetts, Ohio, and Maryland that won access to health care for over a million people and directed hundreds of millions of dollars towards equitable housing, education, and racial justice programs.  As senior director for organizing strategy at Leadership for Educational Equity, he built a national network of 20 teacher-led Organizing Alliances that have successful reformed education policies and moved billions of dollars in Washington D.C., Atlanta, New York, Houston, Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Charlotte, San Antonio, and South Dakota. 

Ari is looking forward to building power with an amazing group of E4E member teachers to create more excellent, equitable education systems across the country.

"Excellent, equitable schools only happen when people organize for them."