Ann Kapustiak Organizer

Born and raised in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, Ann has always been highly involved in her educational community, volunteering as a tutor, peer mentor, and student-leader. Throughout college at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, Ann continued to work on school equity issues and give her time to educational volunteer work. Most notably, she helped develop a pilot program with the Louisiana Board of Education to increase Native representation in state history curriculum. In addition to this project, Ann had formative experiences working as a school administrator and interning with a public policy team. 

After earning her degrees in Political Science (BA) and Psychology (BS), Ann joined E4E-Chicago to expand her work into advocacy and deepen her commitment to educational equity. Aside from equity-centered curricula, she is passionate about social emotional learning, culturally relevant classrooms, and data-informed practices inside and outside the classroom. As an Organizer, Ann enjoys applying her research skills and public policy knowledge to maximize her connectivity with teachers and the issues that concern them most.

Teachers are the best people to develop best practices for the classroom.