Andréa Comer Executive Director

Born and raised in New York, Andréa was deeply influenced by her family’s commitment to equity and community empowerment: Her mother’s role in founding the National Black Nurses Association, and her father’s role in establishing Gateway National Bank, a community lending institution incorporated by Black leaders.

Andréa’s passion for education was a mix of DNA and personal experience. Many of her relatives were educators, and as a single parent she realized firsthand the ways in which socioeconomic status could impact the quality of education her daughter received. Determined to fight for all children and parents in her community, Andréa ran for and won a seat on the Hartford Board of Education. Following her role on the board of education, Andréa served on the Connecticut State Board of Education.

Andréa has worked in various education settings where she was responsible for community outreach, advocacy, and development. Her recent experience in workforce development reinforced the importance of ensuring students in underserved communities have access to quality education. 

Andréa joined the E4E team as Connecticut’s executive director because she believes the voices of educators must be at the policymaking table if Connecticut is to successfully close its unconscionable achievement gap. 

"I love to surround myself with diverse, passionate leaders who not only see the potential in our communities, but also the need to empower members of those communities to be their own change agents."