Anastasia López Organizing Manager

Born in the small border town of Nogales, Arizona to two elementary school educators, Anastasia spent the majority of her time in schools. She witnessed firsthand how her parents’ love and belief in their students transformed their classrooms, solidifying her belief in the power of education. But her personal commitment came later.

While studying at the University of California, Los Angeles, Anastasia began volunteering for mentoring organizations that sparked her own passion for working with children. After graduating, Anastasia took substitute teaching positions in her hometown of Nogales and eventually back in Los Angeles. This led her to pursue a career in education when she became a teacher in Fort Worth, Texas. 

As a classroom teacher, Anastasia taught fifth grade in Fort Worth, and then fourth grade back in her favorite city of Los Angeles. The starkest realization she gained from teaching in these distinct places is that educational inequity is powerful and pervasive, regardless of where you are located in the country. This ignited Anastasia’s commitment to improve education beyond the classroom. She believes in the power of educators to make systemic change and is proud to be part of an organization that is willing to advocate bravely alongside educators.

“I have seen the power of education to transform entire communities. Good teachers are at the center of that transformation. Only with the amplification of their voices can we disrupt the status quo."