Ali Fendrick Outreach Director

A daughter of a public school teacher, Ali became interested in public education at a young age. In high school, she began tutoring math, and in doing so, she discovered educational inequities that existed in her hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Aspiring to be a psychologist, she attended the University of Michigan, where she studied psychology, Spanish, and community action and social change. Through her studies, Ali became interest in teaching, and took her first position in Miami, Florida.

Ali was lucky to teach the same students for two years in the Brownsville neighborhood of Miami. In her first year, she taught fourth-grade writing and science, and her second year, she taught fifth-grade ELA and science. After her students graduated from elementary school, she moved back to the Midwest and found herself working for Airbnb as a community organizer, which helped develop her passion for advocacy and policy.

She joined E4E because after working in organizing, she wishes she could have better advocated for her students when she was teaching, and now wants to give other teachers the opportunity to do so. While in Miami, she encountered policies that were harmful to her students, and wanted to have a bigger impact so that students like hers would not have to face the same unfair regulations. She believes that teachers know their students’ and schools’ needs best, so they should have a seat at the table to discuss the policies that will affect their schools and communities.

Teachers deserve to have an important role in developing policies that will affect them and their students, and I look forward to assisting in that process.