Alexander Jacques Deputy Director, Campaigns

Alex was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and attended school in nearby Pulaski. After attending the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire for choral music education, Alex moved to Minneapolis. Before his work with Educators for Excellence, he taught middle school and high school vocal music in the Columbia Heights Public School district. In his first year, Alex was appointed to the position of school equity leader. He quickly built a large team of progressive teachers that worked to end racial disparities in their school while ensuring equitable outcomes for all students. In his role as equity leader, Alex facilitated professional development and racial justice training for teachers and staff throughout the school year and each summer.

In 2015, Alex was granted a graduate certificate in culturally responsive teaching. Through this course of study, he was connected with other educational professionals in the Twin Cities who were committed to progressive education reform. Interested in playing a more active role in policy and advocacy, Alex joined E4E as a teacher member and collaborated with other teacher leaders to develop and produce an action guide, which outlines recommendations for the elimination of racial disparities in discipline.

In addition to his professional work and volunteerism in the Twin Cities, Alex remains connected to his alma mater where he serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Alumni Association. As a member of this board, Alex works closely with university administration to promote the general welfare of UW-Eau Claire and its graduates. Alex serves on the student recruitment committee, which, among other objectives, works toward achieving a more racially diverse student body.


"My motivation for working in educational policy is the belief that the classroom teacher is, and always has been, among the most powerful forces in the human experience of our children."