A.J. Lucky National Organizing Manager

A.J. Lucky is a former educator and award-winning community organizer. Over the last four years, he’s made an incredible impact in education and youth justice reform in Indiana. His work experience and political involvement depict an investment in creating better outcomes for communities in need through advocacy at district, local, state, and national levels. As an educator, he championed solution-based initiatives in inner-city schools, much like the ones he attended as a youth,  by creating innovative theater programs and developing collegiate STEM partnerships.
A.J. believes organizing is the way to strategic and sustainable change. As a community organizer, he partnered with local schools to craft campaigns to close opportunity gaps, organized for champions of education to be elected to Indianapolis’s local school board, and fought for youth justice reform at Indiana’s State House. His work with the Youth Justice Coalition, headed by CPLI, led to the passing of SEA 368. This bill created automatic expungement for some non-violent juvenile records, a standard competency to stand the trial procedure, and the prohibition of minors being held in adult facilities pretrial.

He joined the E4E team because he recognizes the policies and laws that govern our bodies affect our quality of life. It’s not only crucial but a necessity to ensure students have the best opportunities for successful educational outcomes. This includes a world where educators are uplifted and on the front lines for progressive change. 

Lucky is a midwest native, Purdue University Alum, and MBA candidate at Indiana University. 


Organizing is the way to strategic and sustainable change.