Abigail Swisher National Senior Associate of Policy

Abigail’s passion for this work starts with the belief that education can be a powerful tool for justice, but that for too many children, school is the first place that they experience injustice. 

This passion led her to teach in Granville County, North Carolina, where she taught upper elementary STEM. Abigail has since served in education roles at the local, state and national levels, including three years with the education policy program at New America, where she led policy research related to college and career readiness. Most recently, Abigail served as a fellow with the Aspen Institute’s Education and Society Program. Abigail is a frequent contributor to the national conversation on education policy, and her work has been featured in the 74 Million, Washington Monthly, and Pacific Standard. 

A proud Baltimorean, Abigail spends her free time organizing teachers, students, and parents in the fight for education equity in Baltimore. As part of a local organizing alliance, Abigail and her team have won big for kids, including securing $30 million in new money for schools. Through this work, Abigail learned the power of community organizing, and has been perpetually inspired by the leadership of visionary, equity-minded educators fighting alongside their students.

“We might move faster alone, but we go farther together. Education policy at its most powerful is co-created with those most impacted by it: students, educators, and families.”