Aaron Durka Organizer

Born in the Bronx to a family of educators, Aaron was raised believing in the power of education. The son of a parent coordinator and a student of NYC public schools, Aaron has seen how school systems can uplift or suppress the students it serves. Aaron believes that good teachers can make the difference—but they must be supported by good policies. 

Aaron studied political science at Syracuse University and simultaneously volunteered as an assistant teacher in an elementary school. While at Syracuse, Aaron organized local residents to influence New York state policy and worked at the New York State Assembly as a legislative aide. After graduating, Aaron worked for a school network editing curriculum to make it more accessible for students and teachers. Aaron also spearheaded college preparation courses for students through a Bronx based nonprofit and worked as a counselor providing social-emotional support and empowering students to pursue fulfilling post-secondary pathways. 

Aaron became an organizer to embolden teachers to make the changes they know are right for their students and themselves. Aaron recognizes that LA students face a unique landscape of issues separate from other areas, and he is committed to giving teachers a platform to address them.

Every person should have the power to dictate their own life outcomes and this is most true for teachers who are responsible for nurturing our greatest assets.